【LAGPF / LittleA's Grease Pencil Font utility tool】


LAGPF is a Grease Pencil to Font utility tool developed by ChengduLittleA. Uhh it's name is “Little-A-Grease-Pencil-Font”……

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Choose the characters you need, use LAGPF in Blender2.8, write all of them, and export those characters into TrueType font file in one click!

  • Use any passages you like to write. No need to write the same character more than once. You can also choose several characters instead of the whole character table to write.
  • Use sculpt and stroke edit to adjust characters. All changes are synchronized with the character table.
  • Use grease pencil modifiers to generate stylized characters.
  • You own the font. Font generated with LAGPF don't have copyright issue. ChengduLittleA will not add any digital identification data in fonts generated with LAGPF.
  • You can write everything that appears in Unicode(utf-16). Even including emojis.

Incoming Features:

  • Individually adjustable character width
  • Global properties for font file
  • Invisible character configuration (Space, Tab...)
  • And so on...

More Information

LAGPF User Guide for Initial release链2

LAGPF User Guide for extended component system version is coming soon. Much more suitable for Chinese/Japanese/Korean font creation, but you can read it first in Chinese version below.



https://gum.co/LAGPF 链1

http://www.wellobserve.com/?page=GPF/LAGPF2UserManual_en.md&translation=disabled 链2

http://www.wellobserve.com/?page=GPF/index.md 链3