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ChengduLittleA wrote this lightweight website back-end, it is most suitable for personal wiki or blog. If you want to have a tiny personal website to post your own stuff there, you can consider using LaMDWiki.

Click Here链1 to download the latest LaMDWiki release to your computer.

LaMDWiki has folowing features:

  • Fully compatible with MDWiki.
  • Ugly user interface, effectively prevent addiction.
  • Larger fonts, reduce the risk of myopia.
  • Lightweight, not safe, easy to be attacked.
  • Adaptive interface, optimal viewing and operating experience on mobile and desktop devices.
  • One-click story posting.
  • Folder permission configuration.
  • Multi-language automatic switching.
  • and many more...


LaMDWiki now has a pretty stable basic structure. Now we can design some more additional lightweight functions. Check new ideas for LaMDWiki Here链2

Mobile Application

ChengduLittleA is creating a mobile application of LaMDWiki for android operating system. Go to this page链3 to learn more about it.


Upload LaMDWiki to your server and you are ready to go. If this is the first time you make a website, please refer to the next link for explainations. LaMDWiki is fully compatible with MDWiki, if you are using MDWiki, you don't need to modify any thing existing on your original website. Also, MDWiki-styled URL can be correctly interpreted by LaMDWiki.

First time using LaMDWiki? Check out How configuration works链4

Already configured your website? Try out Passage editing链5

How to manage your website structure? Please refer to Content management链6

Want to embed multimedia contents? Why not use LaMDWiki multimedia support链7

Want dynamic page contents? It's all included in Advanced functions链8

Displaying images using LaMDWiki?Use embedded image frames链9.

Adaptive column layout on your mobile devices? LaMDWiki also provide such function链10.

You can show notifications for individual folders链11.

You can also Assign themes to your passage链12.

Use the event tracker链13 to manage your tasks and projects.

You can also send newsletters to your subscribers链14.

How to Install

LaMDWiki will create a demonstration website the first time you access it. If you have http and php running on localhost, then you can check out the result immediately. Uploading LaMDWiki to your server root, then access through your URL will also do.

Different files and their usages:

--------[ Necessary Files ]----------
index.php            ---> lamdwiki response
lawebmanagement.php  ---> lamdwiki kernel
ParseDown.php        ---> Markdown grammer solver

--------[ Optional Files ]----------
ParseDownExtra.php   ---> Markdown extensions
three.min.js        |
Controls.js         |
GLTFLoader.js       |---> 3D viewer components


Customizing LaMDWiki's look is possible, you can find the default CSS style sheet in lawebmanagement.php. LaMDWiki will include theme choosing functions in the future. LaMDWiki has a relatively simple page structure, which makes CSS modifications easier. There are some amount of re-use of some certain classes, always check with your browse when changing the style.

LaMDWiki Supports multiple administrators.

LaMDWiki doesn't have a secure login system. If necessary, please register for a HTTPS certification for your site.

LaMDWiki uses Cookie to store visitor settings and to provide page relocation service.

LaMDWiki uses Javascript to provide page interactions.

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