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Demo site (on my blog):

[- ChengduLittleA.com/lamdwiki -]

What is laMDWiki?

laMDWiki is a super light weight twitter-like wiki platform, with the real benefit of allowing fluid transition from small notes to long passages, and keeping all back references and histories automatically while you do so, it's best suited for blogging and knowledge organizing.

  • Twitter-like posts and threads.
  • Back-references for both images and posts.
  • Wayback mode: to view the entire site as if you were visiting on a specific date.
  • Hook to specific tag in any post.
  • Style sheet optimized for direct printing.
  • No database needed.
  • Convenient image upload.
  • Adapt to English/Chinese user interface.
  • Image Purchasing Link.
  • Alternative website entry point.



  • 推特形式的帖子和主题。
  • 帖子和图片均具备反引用功能。
  • 时间机器:以过去的特定时间阅读网站的所有内容。
  • 链接到帖子内容的任何位置。
  • 为直接打印而优化的样式表。
  • 无需数据库。
  • 方便上传和查看图片。
  • 适应英语和汉语浏览器界面。
  • 图片购买按钮。
  • 里站入口功能。

(This is actually the forth version I made, it used to be so cramped with functions and not very easy to use)


Installation | 安装

Requirements | 需求

  • Apache (.htaccess)
  • PHP ImageMagic (If image uploading is needed | 若需要上传图像)

Operations | 操作

Copy index.php, translations.md, Parsedown.php, ParsedownExtra.php to your server document root and you are good to go.

When entered the site, double click the © symbol on the bottom to log in, default user ID is admin, default password is Admin. Please change the ID and the password after logging in.

It is recommended that you use Apache web server, because the access control is done through .htaccess. You may need to manually convert it for other web servers.

index.php, translations.md, Parsedown.php, ParsedownExtra.php 复制到服务器根目录即可。

进入网站后,双击底部©符号登录设置,默认用户 admin,默认密码Admin。登录后请修改密码。


Using | 使用

Just post stuff with markdown syntax. Click the left side arrow to access post context, Post manipulation button is the + symbol on the top right of each post.


Post Referencing | 引用帖子

Post can be referenced using Markdown link, simply put the 14 digit post ID into the link field. A reference link with its own paragraph will be automatically expanded into a post preview.


Special Codes | 特殊代码

代码 显示
<-- <- <-> -> --> <-- <- <-> -> -->
<== <= <=> => ==> <== <= <=> => ==>
+++++ (分页符)
[-高亮文字-] [-高亮文字-]
![keep_inline original]() 图片保持行内,使用原图
{big_table} 下一个表格是大表格
{read_more} 帖子预览在这里截断
{interesting apple pear} 设置话题为有趣表格
//(14_digit_id_or_any) 跳转标签
@category 设置话题或帖子分类
[link](@category) 链接到分类
{PRICE my product price} 产品价格
{SHORT product short description} 产品短描述
{PURCHASE button name} 购买按钮
- [PRODUCT whatever](14_digit_id) 商品列表项目
{支付宝} {支付宝}
{PayPal} {PayPal}

Product Showcasing | 商品展示

Mark the post as P type to set it as a product. Then use those product specific tags shown above to set basic info for product preview. The thumbnail of the product is the first image used in the passage. To reference/show this product on another post, simply use a link, or put the link into a Markdown list.


Settings | 设置

Navigation bar, two footers and a pinned post can be configured. Copy the 14-digit post id (from your url or from post menu) and paste it inside to use that post in corresponding positions. Use markdown list for navigation bar for best layout.


Purchasing URL can be set when you open a image. If you'd like to set it as a internal product post, then enter the 14 digit post ID.


[-Note:-] laMDWiki V4 will now redirect all connections to HTTPS, Manually change the redirect lines in WriteHTACCESS() to change this behavior.

[-注意:-] 所有通过 laMDWiki V4 的连接现在都使用HTTPS,手动修改WriteHTACCESS()中的跳转指令以调整该行为。

Alternative website entry | 里站入口功能

Configure "Experimental Access" inside settings to set an alternative website. Enter your host name (this string is preg_match()ed with your HTTP_HOST) to activate the function.


Mark a post as E to make it visible to experimental site, meanwhile the post will not be shown in main site if you are not logged in. Experimental site will not show regular posts. Marking the first post in a thread will put the entire thread into experimental site. Marking a post as S will restrict the post to only be visible to the administrator (private post).


Alternative website mode will only show posts and threads, it doesn't have dedicated timeline, gallery or search page. The style of the page will change slightly to allow bigger pictures to be inserted directly into the passage.


Comments | 评论

Commenting is available now. Enable comments inside settings page to show comment section under each thread.


The server will record the commenter's email, name and IP address for preventing spam.