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  YimingWu 2745c7bfe6 Add Louis Lithium to sponsors 10 months ago
  YimingWu 14bbfc48fd 0.2 brushes refined 10 months ago
  YimingWu e18001ff8e Splash screen 0.2 10 months ago
  YimingWu 600e0ec9d7 Version bump and versioning 10 months ago
  YimingWu 5b9e4550e4 translations 10 months ago
  YimingWu 58c32226b9 0.2 brushes 10 months ago
  YimingWu 38c91ff51e Better brush panel ui 10 months ago
  YimingWu b6b32dc734 backup brush file 10 months ago
  YimingWu af52b2ef38 Use nodes for gunkyness and force. 10 months ago
  YimingWu e1ebf0a5a4 Slightly better gunky 10 months ago
  YimingWu f817db10ea Slightly better paper 10 months ago
  YimingWu 898ef12b11 Experimental noise canvans 10 months ago
  YimingWu 0840874851 Slight performance upgrade for pencil 10 months ago
  YimingWu ae1fc8889e Canvas pattern support 10 months ago
  YimingWu 21e7d8b8b2 Prevent stripes flicker 10 months ago
  YimingWu 33ded88685 Credits and translations 11 months ago
  YimingWu 63feceb196 Appimage generator extra libs 11 months ago
  YimingWu 77ed312dcb Version bump 11 months ago
  YimingWu 0e14a7bbdb Cursor thing 11 months ago
  YimingWu 9bdea1f174 Composition gamma and visual stripes. 11 months ago
  YimingWu 448f56dbe9 Use multisampled canvas FBO 11 months ago
  YimingWu 8d94c5bea1 Reference lines 1 year ago
  YimingWu cc701e3c73 Global smoothing & miniaudio workarounds 1 year ago
  YimingWu e3666eaf35 Adapt to new init args 1 year ago
  YimingWu 21cddc40f6 nodes copy 1 year ago
  YimingWu 6101f46f9f Use hyper1 for rack page 1 year ago
  YimingWu 9c9b0b6814 Move drivers to objects 1 year ago
  YimingWu 0924d86b78 node api renew 1 year ago
  YimingWu 24e50dad36 laProcessInitArguments 1 year ago
  YimingWu bc1f11789a API changes 1 year ago